High On Love, Not Creativety

High On Love, Not Creativety


I’m feelin’ the love this morning.  However, my brain is a bit fried from the Little Man’s refusal to sleep, so I’m lacking in the creativity department today.

For that reason, I’m sharing with you some previous posts that highlight love in all its many forms.

Happy Valentine’s Day ’14.



It’s Because I Love You That I Don’t Stab You In Your Beautiful Eyes.  Happy Valentine’s Day Dear.

My twisted thoughts on Valentine’s Day and the love/hate that fuels a great relationship.


19 and Falling.

A passionate poem written by a younger version of me today.


 A Year in the Trenches of Being Momma.

Unconditional love.

drawing_old_bootsWalking in My Husband’s Worn Out Work Boots.

My attempt to put myself in the man I love’s shoes.  It did me (and him) some good.

I fucking love this one (:

I fucking love this one (:

Why I Effing Love the F Bomb

And finally I leave you with my love of words… and one in particular.

“I do it for the joy it brings because I’m a joyful girl.  Because the world owes me nothing, and we owe each other the world.”

~Ani Difranco, Joyful Girl