Dear Tina and Amy, Here's What You Should Do at the Golden Globes

Dear Tina and Amy, Here's What You Should Do at the Golden Globes

The 2014 Golden Globe Awards will appear on Sunday, January 12 at 8PM ET/5PM PT.

Dear Tina Fey and Amy Poehler,

The knowledge that you have been confirmed to grace the Golden Globes in 2014 AND 2015 makes me feel as sparkly as a red-carpet gown.

Image: The Little Reminders

See, I'm not weird or anything, but you're just the smartest girls at the awards party, and I've considered you my celebrity BFFs for a long time. I've found a few seriously interesting parallels between my own life and Bossypants, and I've often found myself quoting the wisdom of Leslie Knope in all seriousness.

Leslie Knope
Image: Upproxx

And this pretty much describes what I'd probably say, too, if I ever got a chance to glam up and walk the red carpet.

Image: Gifs From the Seaside

So. I guess you can consider this my Anthony Hopkins fan letter to you … and with pure respect, I'm sure you'll be OK with a few requests for the hosting gig. Right? Here's what I would LOVE to see you do:

Please, More Girls

By far the best part of your recent SNL appearance, Tina. And I'm sure it will just get funnier every time you lose an award to Lena Dunham.

Amy: Call Joe Biden Back

Bill Clinton at the 2013 Globes was nice and all …

Poehler on Clinton
Image: Carbonated TV

… but I want the return of America's happy warrior -- Amy, your connection just can't be denied.

Some "Really!"


Anything With Dealbreakers

Or, actually, any show from 30 Rock. Especially MILF Island. OK, Tina?

A Few Frame-By-Frame Remakes Couldn't Hurt.

And Please, Dear Amy and Tina, Please Stick Around.

Besides your awesomeness, what we really need to be able to suffer the entire 2014 awards season is for you to help us through it. Could you please, please videobomb Ellen's 2014 Oscars like you did Neal Patrick Harris' Emmys?

And make up some more Taylor Swift superburns for the Grammys?

Tina and Amy on Taylor Swift
Image: Upproxx

Cool. Thanks. See you soon!

What would the rest you like to see Tina and Amy do at the Golden Globes? I'm sure they're listening, because they're just that classy, so leave your ideas in the comments.

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