How Do You Do That?!

How Do You Do That?!

Here are just a few things that I wonder about and confuse me. So to people who excel at these things that I don't understand, how do you do that...?

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... girl wearing panty hose (not even tights!) in winter? (And yes, I said panty hose.) While I'm looking like a bag lady in 40 layers. How do you do that?
... girl wearing heels in court? I know you just walked the same 10 blocks I walked. And you're wearing cute heels and I'm wearing flats with Dr Scholls inserts. How do you do that?
... girl wearing calf/ankle boots? I have tried on a million pairs and they all make me look like my ankle is the same size as my calf, which it is not. How do you do that and look so cute?
... person walking two well behaved dogs? My dogs constantly pull and then run in opposite directions and wrap themselves around my legs so that I am constantly doing a spin to get out of their tangled web. I guess the real problem here is my jerk dogs. But still. 
... person who throws a party where all the food is prepared before the guests arrive and you're dressed nice and your hair and face aren't  greasy? Because I'm a hot mess if I do anything more than order a pizza. How do you throw a good party?
... girl in my ballet class who is awesome? Oh wait it's because you're 19 and have been dancing for your whole life. That's why you're awesome. 
... girl with perfect winged eyeliner? I have tried to do it a million times and it never looks good. How do you do that? 

What are some things that you wonder "how do you do that?" I'm thinking of making this into a semi-regular series since I often have these kinds of thoughts. 


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