Help! My Friend Is Gluten-Free, but I'm Not!

Help! My Friend Is Gluten-Free, but I'm Not!

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

I'm going on vacation with my friend, and she's gluten-free, which drives me crazy because it's all she talks about. She's already planning our days around not eating gluten and has said things like "no pizza for us!" I like her, but think this will cause fights. Advice?


Gaga for Gluten


Credit Image: Subtle Panda on Flickr

Dear Gaga,

Are you asking for advice on how to win the fights that you so accurately predict? Because I would go with martial arts, although depending on your location and the timing of your vacation, it is hard for me to recommend a specific course. 

In the event that you are seeking advice on how to vacation with the gluten-free, I can offer these pointers. 

Remember that your friend is a gluten-free human (she IS human, right? Because if there are gluten-free aliens amongst us, we should definitely be on alert) and she still has the same qualities that made you two friends in the first place.  Regardless of whether her being gluten-free is due to a gluten-allergy, or a gluten-intolerance or just something that your friend feels like doing for now, it’s her choice and should be respected. So there will be no “sneak in the gluten” moments on your trip. If eating this way is new to her, it’s only natural that she will talk about it a lot, and while that can get boring fast, think back to your own diet fad history. 

Did you extol the Scarsdale Diet? Atkins? The Beverly Hills Diet? (I know I did, even though I’m pretty sure I almost died of pineapple overdose on  Day One.)  Most of us have at some point been pretty enthusiastic about something in our lives that was draining for our friends. Baby photos, anyone?

And part of friendship is being supportive.

But the other part of friendship is not shoving your way of life down your friends’ gluten-full throats. So as long as you two go to restaurants that have gluten-free options for her, she has no right to restrict your gluten gluttony.

Talk to her before you go away. Tell her that you respect her choices but that you want to be able to eat what you enjoy. Chances are that she won’t insist that you forego pizza altogether while on vacation, although your dreams of sharing a pie with her will be unfulfilled.

Enjoy the vacation!


Marinka, TMH

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