Help! My Cat Can't Pee -- Run, Don't Walk, to the Vet

Help! My Cat Can't Pee -- Run, Don't Walk, to the Vet

If your cat can't pee or poop, take it seriously. His or her life could be at stake.

My husband, my daughter and I seem to have been put on this earth to be a cat hospice. Since 2007, we've lost Sybil (chronic kidney failure), Bella (acute kidney failure), Petunia (diabetes) and Sir Charles Buttonsworth (diabetes/megacolon). It's made me a bit paranoid, which this week turned out to be a very, very good thing.

Our current cat, Kismet (we call him "Kizzy" despite the fact that makes everyone think he is a girl), is the picture of health. He can leap from the back of a chair to the top of an armoir without a running start. He will eat anything. His black coat is blindingly shiny and soft as a mink's. He's vibrant and playful, sometimes irritatingly so. Thank goodness, he's also an excellent communicator.

kizzy book

Our litter box is downstairs, so I don't monitor it too closely. We scoop every day, maybe at most every other day, but I don't analyze anything in there. I would not have known anything was wrong with Kizzy this week if he hadn't told me himself. On Wednesday over lunch, I was squeezing in an aerobics DVD (I work from home) when he sat right in front of me, licking his plumbing. I moved out of the way. He moved, too, sitting right in front of me and making meaningful eye contact, and licking. Licking licking licking. And while he's a good groomer, he's not usually a mad bottom-licker. I picked him up to move him, and he howled.

Not. Good.

I immediately stopped what I was doing, texted my co-workers and took him to the vet. By the time we got there, he was making terrible sounds. In the exam room, he immediately climbed into the sink and acted like he was trying to either pee or poop. By this point, I was crying because our last cat that we adopted with Kizzy, Sir Charles Buttonsworth, looked just like that when he was constipated, and then obstructed, and then diagnosed with megacolon, which was basically fatal for him. Here was my super healthy little black cat acting just like the aged and overweight Buttonsworth.

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