He Kissed Her!

He Kissed Her!

By Marisa Bernhard


They looked at each other for a moment or two; she knew what he wanted, it showed.  She leaned against the wall, never taking her gaze off him.  He was talking and pacing, saying things about her, all the while getting closer; she thought she was enticing him towards her.


They stood face to face, he was breathing heavy, she smelled his cologne, he smelled intoxicating, and his breath was warm and cool all at the same time.


He took her one hand into his, holding it gently, softly caressing it; he brought the hand to his mouth wanting to kiss it. Changing his mind, he grabbed the other, and then held down both hands near the sides of her body.  With determination and intent, he looked right at her, his eyes dark as night and fixed on her, wanting her to see, wanting her to feel the significance of his action. His lips barely touched hers; he felt her hands quivering beneath his, this excited him more.  He looked into her eyes, begging, pleading to pursue this encounter.


He lifted her chin and with his tongue, he caressed her lips, teasing her, tasting her, he continued tracing her chin and lips with his mouth just touching her skin hardly taking his gaze off her trying to read her mind and hoping she knew how he felt.


She surrendered to his needs, released her hands and lifted her arms above her head; with his mouth he brushed against her lips, slowly caressing her chin, continuing down to her neck, and her scarcely covered breasts. His hands firmly caressed down the side of her body, she shuddered and moaned, he then held her tight, she wrapped her arms around his neck for fear that if she let go; she would fall. His lips met hers. 


He kissed her, and she let him!




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