He is Dad

He is Dad


I can remember going to the grocery store in Culver City, and receiving a call from Che.  I was informed that Adelia asked him if she could call him dad, and with tears in his eyes the answer was yes. Basically the call was to let me know tuff shit if you have a problem with it.
Adelia and Che's relationship has never revolved around myself.  I may have introduced them, but they took it to the next level without my input or assistance.
Che is not Adelia's biological father, but he is her dad without question. I will never, nor do I want to, be able to replace him. 
When she is sick, he is who she wants there.
If she is in the hospital, she asks for her dad, not me.
She broke her finger, and immediately asked to call her dad.
As far as she is concerned, I am chopped liver and he is prime rib. Well deserved on his part if you ask me. 
Che in almost five years has missed a whopping two appointments, attended every school meeting on her behalf, and is there every time she is ill.
He has kissed, spanked, helped, taught, motivated, and most important of all loved her.
During this time I have learned that this relationship is not one sided.  They have both taught each other numerous things. 
Adelia has taught him patience, compassion, tolerance, courage, and sometimes you can pick your family. 
In return he has taught her that she isn't different, dads do love their kids, strength, and how to take life with a grain of salt.
I always think that he deserves so much more for this than I will ever be able to give him.  Even though I know he doesn't want anything from us.  I wish I could put onto paper what it feels like to wake up everyday with my best friend, and someone I admire, but I am not that talented.  I do know that I adore him for this and his daily effort to being a better man. 
He is truly my better half, the missing link, and someone that our children can look up to.
He is DAD.



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