HairFinity! Putting It To The Test!

HairFinity! Putting It To The Test!

My New Weave Look!

It is no secret that I wear weave. I've had a lot of hair drama over the years. My hair had been long. Then I cut it off and wore it short for many years. Then it just wouldn't grow back to my original length. Then I weaved it for a year, going back and fourth to Ellen Lavar in New York and hanging out with Luke in the meantime. In that year, it grew back to my original long length but it also grew gray. Listening to the choir, I colored the gray. With the relaxer and color, it was just to much for my hair. Over months, I painfully watched, my hair fall out in the sink, in my hand and in my comb.

Then two years ago, I got my hair weaved by Trayce Madre and it has grown, surpassing my original length. Today, for the most part, I have pretty healthy hair and all of my relaxer is gone. Yep, I'm natural under my weave. Weave has been a protecter to allow my hair to grow without all the heat from blow drying and curling.

Me and Tymeka creator of HairFinity at BlogHer

While at BlogHer I met the owner of Hairfinity. Now I have to be honest. I have seen their Intsagram testimonies and I didn't believe the hype. Tiara and I have had a few conversations about this hair vitamin that claims to help your hair become healthy and grow. So when I saw their booth at BlogHer I stopped and told them what I thought. You know I'm never short of opinions and they met me word for word. LOL! But no, they were really nice about it. You can read about how Hairfinity works here.

 I had a couple of conversations with the women working the booth at Hairfinity. One who is a breast cancer survivor. She cut her hair when she started chemotherapy. She told me that  she wanted to have control, rather than surrender it to chemotherapy.  She has been taking Hairfinity for a month and I was honestly impressed. She had more hair then I would have thought.

 Another woman working the booth lost all of her hair in a car accident. The accident disfigured most of her face. She not only lost her hair, but also her hair line was virtually gone. I saw the pictures for myself. You talking about her life as a miracle, just the facial reconstruction alone was remarkable. Honestly, I just couldn't see how any of her hair would grow back after her cousin showed me the pictures and pointed to the woman in the picture standing a few feet away from me. "She's been on Hairfinity for two years," her cousin said. I was impressed again. 

Now, you all know I'm not easily impressed but they had me eating putty out of their hands the next day when I met the owner. I thought this product was straight out of China. Wrong!! If Hairfinity wasn't impressive, Tymeka Lawrence the creator and owner of HairFinity certainly is . This soft spoken chemist is a very gracious hand-full of dynamite! At fifteen she became pregnant with her daughter, but didn't let it stop her. She not only finished high school and college, but went on to receive her masters degree.

Kloe Kardashians at BlogHer14

O. K. they had my attention, and not because celebrities like the Kardashians use the product but because of the testimonies and the ingenuity of Tymeka. Since 2006 she and her husband has ran Brock Beauty from Slidell, Louisiana

Sooooo, I'm putting HairFinity to the test for a year. Now my hair does grow when I'm wearing weave and I have no intention of stopping. Love weave, it's just far easier to manage than my natural hair. Prior to HairFinity, I've been marking my hair growth every three months when I get my weave redone. That's what I intend to do with HairFinity. I started taking the hair vitamin last Monday. In full disclosure, they did give me a three months supply at BlogHer so that made it easy for me to get started. I gave one month to Tiara to get her started. I felt like I had nothing to lose, but I will be purchasing the rest for the remainder of the year.

 I am particularly concerned about my edges and the part of my hair at the very top that I leave out each time I weave so that I  have a natural look. Those parts of my hair tend to grow a lot less then the hair braided under the weave.

I will have three markers in this one year. 1) Overall growth, compared to last year with weave 2) Growth of my edges and the very top that is not weaved  and 3) The overall health of my hair.


I will check in every 3 months. I hope it works because I'm really rooting for Tymeka Lawrence and Brock Beauty. I'm so glad that they came to BlogHer or else I would have never put the product to the test.

Now in fairness, I do take a lot of medication and medication can impact the growth of your hair. My side kick, Tiara also started it last Monday and she will be my other marker. She also has some tough to grow areas in her hair, especially her edges. I can't wait to see her results. We are both giving Hairfinity a year. At the end of the day, the ingredients in HairFinity are a mixture of vitamins so I feel that its safe, but as always a person with health issues and on a any medicine regime should consult their physician before venturing off. The bottom picture is my natural hair one month before I got my current weave. Now let's watch it grow.


Natural Hair Diva!









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