Habits Come and Habits Go

Habits Come and Habits Go

They say it takes three weeks to break a habit - or three weeks to start a new habit.  I've been doing that over and over for many months now.   It's a little like plus two, minus one except that I think right now I'm doing plus two, minus one point seven five.  Still, that's .25 forward and that counts.

I meditated last night.

I went to an hour of yoga last night.

I slept a decent number of hours.

I ate eggs and spinach for breakfast and then I had another chocolate croissant.  Dum duh dum dum dummmmmm.  Bombed the no sweet treat purchases for day two.  Obviously I don't have a good enough level of resolve.  I don't, but I'm pleased with the exercise and meditation stuff and that counts.  Our meals at home will also all be healthy things.  For dinner tonight we're having spaghetti squash with basil pesto and shrimp.  So, plus two and minus one point seven five.

Today it is snowing and beautiful and wonderful out.  It's a treat after a long stretch of ugly cold and no snow.  We plan to take the kids out for a walk and that will count as my exercise for the day.  It would be nice to ski, but the kids are too little so on foot we will go.

Off to the rest of the day and hoping (because I'm not yet fully committed) to a completely good food eating day tomorrow to break this sugar craving I'm caught in.

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