Ten in February 2010

Ten in February 2010


First, a little background for those joining late... rather than creating big resolutions or really really big goals for 2010, some of us are creating "to do" lists each month. 10 things that we really want to get done this month. The items on the list can be big, or small. Personal or professional. The choice is yours... 

And here's my February list of Ten.

1) Convince all of the laptops to talk to the GOD printer.
2) Unpack four boxes from the garage and get the contents dispersed to a new home.
3) Read four Nancy Drews. (4)
4) Call my father before he has a chance to call me.
5) Organize the photos on the external drive.
6) Clean up January's files.
7) Go through the linens in the laundry room (and under the futon) and get rid of the excess.
8) Get two blog posts written from my WIP folder.
9) Wii excercise 20xs in February. (18)
10) Visit a museum that we have not visited before.

Do you have a list of 10 for February 2010?

~Denise BlogHer Community Manager
Flamingo House Happenings


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