'Grey Gardens' for Rent this Summer

'Grey Gardens' for Rent this Summer

For $125,000, you can rent Grey Gardens from June to July (yes, for only two months). However, getting to dance and sing around the 10 bedroom, 6 bathroom mansion, as Drew Barrymore did in the Grey Gardens documentary remake in 2009, would be the dream of a lifetime!

In case you are not familiar with Grey Gardens, it is the home in East Hampton, NY where Jackie Kennedy’s aunt and cousin Edith "Big Edie" Ewing Bouvier Beale and Edith "Little Edie" Bouvier Beale lived. They lived in the home for 50 years while becoming isolated, their money drastically depleting and their animal infested home quickly decaying with them still living in it. Their living conditions were exposed in a New York Magazine article which resulted in Jacqueline Onassis and her sister providing the funds to repair the house.

In 1975, Albert and David Maysles became fascinated by the story and received permission to do a documentary on the woman and house. In 2009, Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange co-starred in the HBO remake of the original documentary. The remake was a wildly entertaining film ….five stars in my book!

Now granted, $125k for two months of the summer is a bit out of reach for my budget, a girl can still dream! The house is so whimsical and girly:

Photos by Corcoran

GreyGardens GreyGardens2 GreyGardens3 GreyGardens4 GreyGardens5

Would you rent Grey Gardens for the summer?

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