Greetings From BlogHer’s New Health Editor

Greetings From BlogHer’s New Health Editor

Confession: I recently turned 40, and at first, it was horrible. On my birthday, a friend took me out to lunch, where I broke down and blubbered about how I wasn’t where I’d hoped I’d be at this age -- in terms of my tumultuous marriage, my barely-making-ends-meet writing career, or my far-from-perfect parenting of our two-year-old daughter.

Yet, by the end of this hour, I’d realized that it was all a matter of perspective. Instead of obsessing over all the things I didn’t have, I decided to focus on what I did have and often took for granted: Like solid friends. And a loving family. And, as cliché as it sounds, my health.

Judy and daughter
Image: Judy Dutton

Health, at least the way I define it, touches every part of my life. It’s about what I eat for breakfast, and whether I take the stairs or the elevator out of my building. It’s about squeezing into my skinny jeans, and accepting my body when I don’t. It’s about not reaching for the salt shaker so much, and having a laugh with my husband, and trying to stop worrying so much. To me, health and happiness are the same thing; each one feeds the other.

Judy and family
Image: Judy Dutton

I was thrilled to get this position as the Health Section Editor at BlogHer (thank you, Stacy and Julie!) because I feel that the best way to stay healthy is to get motivated and inspired by others. Every day, as I read through the stories that women share on BlogHer, I get a contact high from all the enthusiasm, determination, and good humor found in their words. I laughed when I read Kristen Daukas’s I Don't Care About Your Diet or Your Extra Five Pounds. I cried when I read Laina Dawes’s story about two girls—best friends—who’d tried to kill themselves but pulled through together. I also learned some amazing health blogging tips from Elaine, a registered nurse, that I am sure I will soon put to use.

I’m excited to read more, learn more, and get to know the BlogHer community better. So please keep writing, and always feel free to reach out to me to say hello or tell me what’s on your mind. Staying healthy and happy is an uphill battle, so I’d love all the help I can get!


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