The green jumper.

The green jumper.

One evening,

My family sat around the table

Enjoying each others’ company

My youthful perspective was altered. 


We were in the midst of an enjoyable conversation.

My girlfriend had joined my family for dinner. 

She was learning about my family’s past.

She was intrigued with the stories. 

Suddenly, she asked, ‘How did you meet?’


Taken aback, l looked from my parents to my friend. 

It was like she was speaking in a foreign language. 

It was almost like she swore. 

I couldn’t believe she asked that.

I looked to my parents for their reaction. 


My parents had both been enjoying the visit. 

I could see they were touched she asked this question.

Suddenly, they looked younger to me. 

The way they exchanged a look just then...


My Mom lowered her flushed face as my Dad began to speak.


“We met at the dance hall, he grinned. 

My friends made a bet with me. 

(His dimples deepened in mischievousness)

I saw her standing against the wall,

She was wearing a green jumper.

My friends said I would never get her to dance.

I said, ‘Wanna bet?’”


Dad looked at Mom, they both laughed.


“And...” my friend prompted.


Stop the life train. 

Hold it right there. 


I had never heard my Dad speak this way. 

I never knew...

I thought I knew all of the stories.

I always listened to the stories. 

But, I had not asked questions. 

I had not even considered parts of their lives until that moment.


I needed to get to know my parents as...people. 

Truthfully, I wished it would have been me who asked that question first. 

That’s the day I began to grow up. 


Re-start the life train...


“Yeah!  AND...”  I wanted to know too.


With pride in his voice, he answered softly,

“We danced together all night.”

I watched my parents look over at each other...

They were both back in that dance hall,


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