(Updated With Photos) Elisa, Erin, and I Went to the GRAMMYs. Here's What It Was Like.

(Updated With Photos) Elisa, Erin, and I Went to the GRAMMYs. Here's What It Was Like.

"It's the day of the show, ya'll!" -- Waiting for Guffman

It's the day of the GRAMMYs. It's the day of the GRAMMYs!

Primping has commenced, a dress has been selected and will be slithered into, and it's time to get started with the onslaught of music royalty! I'm here with Elisa Camahort Page and Erin Groh of BlogHer -- back in Los Angeles just a week after I left "for good."

I never thought I'd find myself at the GRAMMYs. I accepted many an Oscar in front of my bathroom mirror, but never a GRAMMY. Even when pretending, I was fully aware that I suffered from the inability to carry a good tune. I am the epitome of "pitchy." Fortunately, I've got Elisa here to comment on the winners, losers, and performances.

What's nice about my bad ear is that I am free to fully appreciate the phenomenal GRAMMY-nominated artists. They have a talent that I don't. I am in awe of them.

Stay tuned as we continue updating from this day (and night)!

Grammys crystal ball10 pmNo cameras were allowed at the GRAMMYs, but iPhones were okay. If you look closely at this fuzzy picture, you might see Katy Perry inside a big crystal ball. She was later burned at the stake.

Grammys box suite5:25 pm: This is from our box suite. Talk about room with a view.

Jenni Chiu GRAMMY OUTFIT3:59 pm: I decided not to wear my yoga pants.

Grammy ticket2:29 pm: The official ticket, Instagrammed by Erin.

Erin Groh Grammys3:30 pm: Erin looking gorgeous (thanks, Erin, for sharing your Instagram!)

Erin Jenni Elisa dressed for the GRAMMYs2:29 pm: Let's go to the GRAMMYs!

Jenni Champagne12:38 pm: This was sent to me in my room. Apparently celebrating is required while preparing for more celebrating.

Elisa GRAMMY makeup11:30 am: Elisa's before-and-after makeup -- super glam, no?

Jenni pedicure10:40 am: Before I can appreciate any GRAMMY-nominated artists, my nails need to be award-show-ready.

PLEASE NOTE: I don't know whether I'll be able to update during the show or party, but BlogHer's editors are here to fill you in with observations and pictures then -- and I'll make sure to fill you in as soon as I can.


-- Jenni Chiu

Blogger. Vlogger. Not a Jogger.

Jenni writes at MommyNanibooboo.com



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