Google+ Now Lets Anyone Send You Email Through Gmail: Here's How to Opt Out

Google+ Now Lets Anyone Send You Email Through Gmail: Here's How to Opt Out

Starting yesterday, and continuing over the next couple of days, Google is rolling out an improvement to its Gmail and Google+ platforms; allowing anyone who on Google+ to email you -- no matter whether or not you have a relationship.

Wait. That's an improvement?

Google Product Manager, David Nachum thinks so. He outlined the new service in a blog post. Although email addresses won't be visible unless you send someone an email (or vice versa), Google+ makes your profile public by default -- and therefore, you're fair email game.

If you don't want anyone on Google+ to be able to send something to your inbox, follow these easy steps to disable the feature.

Gmail Google+

How to Opt Out of Letting Everyone on Google+ Contact You on Gmail

1. Sign into your Gmail account

2. Click Settings, then click the General tab

3. Scroll down to "Email via Google+ and using the dropdown menu, select which users you would like to have permission to email you this way.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes

If you're already fighting a battle against spam, I suggest opting-out before you're overrun.

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