"The Good Wife" Is Getting GOOD

"The Good Wife" Is Getting GOOD

Are you watching The Good Wife? If not, I don't know why not, and I don't understand why it fares so poorly on cancellation indices. It's among the best shows. It's a constant delight because of the genius guest casting choices (hello Carrie Preston), and features some of the strongest and most engaging female characters anywhere. I want to be either Alicia or Diane or Kalinda when I grow up.

Christine Baranski is killing it every episode this year, and the story arc has been skillfully plotted towards a heated conflict next Sunday. Miles of betrayal, power struggles and personal relationships are colliding, and it feels explosive. I can't wait.

The Good Wife

The Good Wife Image: CBS

Renee Camus at Reel Life with Jane writes excellent The Good Wiferecaps. I highly encourage you to catch up if you aren't already, because it's getting so good it hurts. I also recommend following @goodwifewriters on Twitter. Writing is certainly one of the stars of the show every week, and the Twitter stream adds tons of cool behind-the-scenes info about the writers' choices as well as direction, score and casting details.

From "The Good Wife Recap: Outside the Bubble – 5×4:"

But who needs those stories when you have the delicious conflict between Alicia and her soon-to-be-former partners? Boy, is there going to be a big kablooie between Will and Alicia next week, apparently leading to her being escorted out of the building.

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