Gift-Giving Tips From a Gift-Giving Contrarian

Gift-Giving Tips From a Gift-Giving Contrarian

Post-Gift Giving

This final piece of advice is something that will truly set you free: Remember that when you give a gift, it is no longer yours.

So don’t get upset when your friends don’t prominently display that expensive vase you got them for Christmas. It’s no longer yours.

And don’t hassle your father about why he never wears that cashmere sweater you bought him. It’s none of your business! It’s not yours.

I've noticed that in my life, people who have had trouble accepting this simple concept tend to be somewhat controlling, wanting to monitor not only their lives and the lives of family and friends, but the lives of their gifts as well.

But it’s kind of like lending money: If you can’t afford to never see it again and be content with that, don’t lend it in the first place.

Last year, my family and I agreed not to exchange gifts and spent Christmas Day enjoying each other's company. This year, we’re planning the same thing. None of us truly needs anything except to be with each other.

No guilt. No problem.

Happy Holidays!

Christal Roberts is a BlogHer contributing editor and no longer sweats gift giving. You can follow her on Twitter @ChristalRoberts

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