Gender Marketing: Now Stinking Up the Room with Candles!

Gender Marketing: Now Stinking Up the Room with Candles!

Anyway, even though I am a lady and thus supposed to innately love scented candles and other "air fresheners," I find that they burn my sinuses with their artificial cloyingness, so I was not thrilled to have "Man Town" brought into my home. Maybe I would have liked it better had it smelled like sweaty jock straps and remote controls, if remote controls actually smell distinctive. (I think they do not, but perhaps I am not endowed with the right olfactory prowess.) I was relieved when my hubby took "Man Town" to his office for the sake of irony, and I filed the phallic banana book in the bookcase. As for the Hot Topic gift card, I might have to find some Goth-y teenager and transfer the unscented bounty to someone who might appreciate it more. I am pleased, though, that their website has a category for items that are unisex.

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