Gee I Love Blogging!

Gee I Love Blogging!

Back-in-the-day, some 30 years ago now, I made my living as a newspaper reporter. And I truly enjoyed it. My 'beat' was Lifestyle and it included doing many interviews on quite a variety of topics. Loved interviewing. Still do.

The magic for me now is blogging. For me 'the blog' fills the place the newspaper page used to park. I can still write; still have my words 'published;' still have fans who appreciate what I write. And, best of all...I can still interview.

I just published on my blog today an interview...with a celebrity! Mr. Willie 'Jack' Degel is a successful restauranteur in New York City. He is also host of the Food Network's show, "Restaurant Stakeout." Here's what happened [as Adrian Monk used to say on the tv show 'Monk']:

At the end of this past May I found myself in the hospital for nine days with precious little to do except take my IV stand on walks in the hall. The tv set in my room didn't have too many stations, but one that came in consistently was the Food Network (FN). An admission: I had not watched FN up to this point and was clueless about the shows it hosted.

I enjoyed the cooking shows like "Barbecue Addiction..." with chef Bobby Flay or "The Pioneer Woman" with Rhee Drummond. The cooking competition shows were great fun to watch: "Chopped" and "Food Network Star." However, by far the most fun and interesting to me were the restaurant-centered shows "Restaurant Impossible" with Robert Irvine and "Restaurant Stakeout" with Willie Degel.

Once I got home I didn't give up watching all these shows...I even discovered more cooking and food-related programming on Netflix. Cool.

Back to Mr. Degel and my interview. Last week I started doing a bit of research online about "Restaurant Stakeout." I was curious. I couldn't find all that much...not enough to satisfy some questions I had. So, on a whim, I decided to contact Mr. Degel. I went to his restaurant's website - Uncle Jack's Steakhouse - and found a suitable email address. Truthfully I expected one of two things to happen: 1) I just wouldn't get a response at all; or 2) I'd get a 'thank you for contacting us but...' kind of response. I even concluded my email with this: "I know a successful restauranteur in New York doesn't need publicity help from a blogger in California...."

Surprise! Not only did I get a response, it was positive! And quick! The response came from the social media coordinator for Uncle Jack's Steakhouse. She said that Willie Degel would indeed like to participate in a mini-interview and would get responses to my questions back in a few days. [He is currently filming new episodes of "Restaurant Stakeout."]

Sure enough, Mr. Degel sent thoughtful responses to my interview questions. And a recipe to add to my website's new "Tasty Recipes" section. I had the gumption to ask for one.

I've heard some bloggers say they are too scared to approach celebrities or 'experts' or people considered "high profile" because of the fact they write a blog. I say, have some gumption! Take a chance. You never know unless you try. 

I think the day is now here that blogs/blogging is not just 'bits and bobs' of trivia. Blogs can - and do- have an impact. I'll never again say that I "just" write a blog. I'll say "I write and publish a blog!" Loudly and with my head held high.

Oh, I'd love for ya'll to read my mini interview with Willie Degel:


Linda C Smith, Artist and Writer


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