Garlic Toast Salad With Sun Dried Tomatoes

Garlic Toast Salad With Sun Dried Tomatoes

Have you ever had bread salad?

No? Why not?

I bet you think it’s just a pile of soggy bread, right?

Until last month I was totally one of those why-would-I-eat-a-pile-of-soggy-bread people.

Was I ever wrong. Well, not about the soggy bread. The bread is soggy. But I was wrong to think that soggy bread is a bad thing. Turns out soggy bread is a very very good thing.

I’m not saying that bread dipped in water is good. It’s gotta be soggy in the right way. You know, like how the middle of garlic bread is all soft and squidgy with melted butter? It’s soggy bread, right? But it’s gooooood soggy bread.

That’s what bread salad is: Goooooood Soggy Bread. The sogginess is caused by olive oil, lemon juice, tomato, garlic, onions and herbs. How can that sogginess possibly be a bad thing?

Garlic Toast Salad with Sun Dried Tomatoes Recipe


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