Fun and Easy DIY Holiday Party Decorations

Fun and Easy DIY Holiday Party Decorations

It's the time of year for presents, egg nog, candy canes ... and holiday parties! If you're playing host this year, I'm excited to share some fun and easy DIY ideas to help you add a personal touch to your holiday gathering.

Small details make such a difference at a party. Time is so precious at this time of year, so I'm going to share some touches I've used in the past that come together in a snap, even at the last minute.

DIY Tiered Serving Tray

Mantel holiday party decorations

I don't know about you, but space can be an issue at my house with all those dishes, trays, and decorations. Having some vertical space to display food is always helpful, and these tiered trays are a true life saver when putting out a holiday spread.

You can whip one up in minutes for a fraction of the cost you would pay for one in a store -- which also makes an excellent conversation piece. Go ahead and brag a little to your guests that you got your craft on and made that serving tray! They will be impressed.

Holiday party tiered tray

How to Make:

All you need is three plates (I found mine at Target), two candlesticks (I snagged mine at the thrift store for pennies), chrome spray paint, and a little E6000 (or super glue.) First, spray paint the candlesticks. Once they are dry, put a small line of glue around the top and bottom of one candlestick and center it between two plates. Repeat with the secondcandle stick. Allow 3-4 hours to dry. After each use, hand wash only with warm, soapy water.

Christmas Kisses

Holiday party chocolate kisses craft

Small touches make such a difference! Add some pizzazz to your chocolate kisses by gluing circles of festive scrapbooking paper to the bottoms -- a perfect use for paper scraps from other projects. So easy and so cute! Put these in a small bowl near the door, so guests can grab them on their way in, then again for the ride home.

Holiday crafting paper

How to Make:

Use a 7/8" circle hole punch to cut circles out of scrapbook paper. Use a glue stick, hot glue gun, or circle glue dot to adhere the paper circles to the bottom of each chocolate kiss. It takes only seconds to add a little impact to your small chocolate treat!

Mason Jars

Need more small containers to hold party supplies? Use Mason jars -- they're super trendy this year, and so stinkin' cute! You can find inexpensive options at thrift stores, or in the canning section of most grocery stores. Add a little ribbon, and they are fantastic for holding paper straws, utensils, treats, and other holiday party favors. Use different sizes and heights for added depth to your party spread.

Holiday party mason jars

I hope this inspires you to add some easy DIY elements to your holiday party this year! Small, easy, handmade touches make such a difference in any celebration.

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