Why My Family Must Eat French Toast on Snow Days

Why My Family Must Eat French Toast on Snow Days

That also means I will likely be the person running to the store the next time a big winter storm is in the forecast. So make fun of me on Facebook all you want. My family is happy and warm and no one is complaining about what there is (or isn't) to eat, all because we were the idiots who braved the mass chaos of the grocery store hours before we were snowed in a for a few days. And considering I just got word school is cancelled tomorrow, after the kids have already been home for the two-week Christmas break, being able to make French toast again in the morning will be a lifesaver.

This pinch hitter knows how to knock snow days out the park.

snow day
Oh the weather outside is frightful. But our bread, milk and eggs are so delightful.

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