Food Bloggers Dish on Where to Eat in Chicago

Food Bloggers Dish on Where to Eat in Chicago

When it comes to food, there are two distinctly different kinds of people. First there's the type that could go somewhere, like say the 2009 BlogHer Conference in Chicago, without giving much thought to what kind of food they'll be eating. Then there are people like me who are happy to spend hours reading about restaurants and searching out the best possible food experiences whenever they visit a new city. If you're a fellow food-thrill seeker, this post is for you.

If you're going to Chicago and are serious about finding good food, you probably already know you can get a head start on your food research with the BlogHer '09 Michelin Guide, which has Chicago restaurant recommendations from the Michelin staff. And of course, I've been serious about my food for a very long time, so when BlogHer was in Chicago two years ago, I wrote a long post filled with Chicago Restaurant Recommendations. When I check my 2007 list, I'm happy I'll be going back to Greek Islands (one of my favorite Chicago places) and I'm finally going to eat at Topolobampo.

But the Chicago food scene is constantly evolving, so I thought it would be fun to hear about more spots food bloggers are raving about these days. Just last month, Culinary Cory wrote about Favorite Chicago Restaurants. A number of his picks sound interesting, especially Cafe 28, a restaurant featuring Cuban-Mexican food that he picks for his number one choice. This post also has some great photos of Chicago landmarks.

In May 2009, Chew on That talked about Chicago Magazine's list of the Best New Chicago Restaurants, although with a warning that many of these new places are a bit on the spendy side for these tough economic times. If I was choosing from that list, I might go for Mexique, which offers "modern Mexican cuisine with a French influence." Another intriguing choice on this list is Sunda, where "new Asian cuisine" includes things like wasabi martinis.

At Serious Eats, Michael picks Chicago's Best Dining Experiences, starting with the uber-famous and equally expensive Alinea. (If you're not familiar with this destination restaurant, food lover LucyLou has an amazing comic strip about her visit to Alinea.) At the other end of the dining experience spectrum, Michael also loves Hot Doug's Sausage Superstore and Encased Meat Emporium. Now really, wouldn't the name alone make you want to go there at least once!

Chicago is famous for deep dish pizza, something you must try if you haven't had it. (I think of it as being like pizza turned into a casserole, just to give you a mental picture.) Slice can introduce you to Unos, Chicago's Original Deep Dish Pizza. If you're looking for a different type of pizza recommendation, Food Loves Writing has a definite pick for The Best Pizza in Chicago. And speaking of pizza, Passionate Eater weighs in on where to get the best pizza, Italian beef sandwiches, and hot dogs in a post about Where's the Best Chicago Beef? (I got hungry just looking at the photos on this blog.)

Still Can't Decide Where to Eat?
~ Chicago Foodies is an entire blog dedicated to talking about Chicago restaurants.
~ Also at Chicago Foodies, the Best Prix-Fixe option in Chicago.
~ Nick from The Paupered Chef goes to Chicago in search of the best Chicago dog and some genuine Mexican food and tells about it in Chicago Eats
~ Alice Q. Foodie visits Chicago and blogs about The Publican, the architecture, and eating hot dogs, with a lot of food recommendations and good photos thrown in.
~ We Are Not Martha does a Chicago Round-Up of restaurants they visited on a recent trip.
~ Susan from Fat Free Vegan Kitchen talks about where she ate in Chicago for BlogHer '07.

Do you have a favorite Chicago restaurant or somewhere you're looking forward to trying when you visit there? If so, please share with us in the comments.

Kalyn Denny also blogs at Kalyn's Kitchen, where her focus is on low-glycemic recipes using fresh ingredients. Kalyn looks forward to some good Chicago restaurant experiences, but her #1 food destination in Chicago is Penzeys.


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