Fly in Style: 10 Airport Fashion Must-Haves

Fly in Style: 10 Airport Fashion Must-Haves

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So your bags are packed, and you’re all dressed up and ready to head out of town. If you do so frequently, you would know that looking good when going from airport to airport and hotel to hotel helps you create a lasting impression on those you meet. Travelling uncomfortably for long hours can make you look sluggish. But there is absolutely no reason to look like a slob when you get on that plane. It is possible for comfort and fashion to have a perfect marriage.

Since it is now established that it is inexcusable to look spent and unfashionable just because you’re going to be traveling, you might want to wake up to some sound fashion advice. With airports having turned into fashion runways-of-sorts for celebrities and models, who keeping jetting in and out of it, raising the bar on the beauty and glamor quotient, you need to power up too!

No, you don’t need to be as rich as them to put your fashionable foot forward at the airport. You can look like a million dollar traveler with just the basic fashion accessories. The idea is to keep it simple and yet make heads turn. Here’s how –

1. Slip into a Comfortable Cotton Top

Nothing spells comfort like cotton clothes. They keep you cool and cozy and let your skin breathe. Everyone has at least a couple of cotton shirts/t-shirts in their wardrobe, so you don’t even need to shop exclusively for the journey. Choose slightly loose tops instead of tight or fitted ones, when getting on a long flight. You could also go for a top made of anti-wrinkle fabric so that makes you look fresh even when you land.

2. Work the Classic Blue Denims

Most travelers prefer to wear jeans when boarding a plane because they’re just oh-so-comfortable and convenient. Whether it is a pair of your favorite skinny jeans or the ever-cozy boyfriend jeans, take your pick depending on what puts you at ease. You don’t want to end up feeling restless in a tight pair of low-waist jeans on a 12-hour flight. So pick your bottoms wisely. If jeans aren’t your thing when you travel, opt for leggings, which are equally stylish.

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3. Throw on a Jacket

It is advisable to carry a jacket along because the temperature inside the aircraft tends to get cooler. In such situations, having a stylish jacket that matches your outfit would do wonders to up your look and keep you warm. Jackets are a great style accessory if worn correctly. Denim jackets are an all-time favorite with travelers aiming to achieve a casual and laid-back look.

4. Scarves Look So Good

The humble scarf is often underestimated in its style quotient. A patterned scarf can complement your jacket and work as a great alternative to it. It looks feminine and adds a fun and flirty charm to your overall look. It can be worn in several artistic ways or you can simply wrap it around your neck and team it with your ensemble to instantly glam up your look.

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5. Stick to Flats

Yes, you’ve seen Victoria Beckham walk around at the airport in her sky-high heels, but trust me, you don’t want to even consider doing that. It is advisable you leave your painful heels in your luggage and wear cute and comfy shoes at the airport instead. Remember, you will be towing your own bags, suitcases and carry-on luggage. Flats would be a good option as they would give you the freedom to walk steadily without the fear of tripping. Flat sandals, boots, bellies are all very in on the airport fashion scene.

6. Carry a Huge Tote

A large tote makes for a perfect carry-on aboard your aircraft as it can accommodate all of the things that you’re going to need through your flight. Your laptop, iPad, cosmetics, fashion magazines, scarf, etc. will easily fit into it. And since all these items will fit together in one bag, you won’t have to worry about keeping track of them. If you’re traveling to an exotic international destination like Italy or Vietnam, don’t forget to put your passport into your tote before you leave your home. Additionally, the tote will also come in handy when you collect other important documents like your Vietnam visa on arrival upon landing. No need to wait for your luggage to arrive to keep it safe. Simply tuck it in your tote and get moving!

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