Flatlander's Guide to Speaking New England-ish

Flatlander's Guide to Speaking New England-ish

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Flatlander (flat • land • er), noun

1. Someone not from around these parts.

2. Someone from Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey or New York.

3. Outsider who calls New England "quaint," "so cute," and/or drives like a maniac.


"Got behind a #$%^& flatlander today on route 2." 
"Can't wait until the flatlanders go back home. GO BACK HOME FLATLANDER!"


Jake's Barn (Jake's • Barn) / jah • akes bahn  /,  noun

1. Something you have to go around when (a) cows are blocking the quickest route home, (b) there's road construction on the bridge, (c) you can't get there from here.

2. Barn belonging to person named Jake.


"Had to go all the way 'round Jake's Barn to get to the Hannaford this morning." 
"Did you see Jake's barn? It's wicked round."


Wicked (wick • ed) /wah • ick • ed/, adjective

1. very

2. a lot

3. awesome/cool/stupendous


"It's wicked cold outside!"
"I had a wicked good time going 'round Jake's Barn today."
"Flatlanders are wicked annoying."


Leaf Peepers (leaf • peep • ers) /lee • f • pee • pahs/, noun

1. People who drive to New England to look at foliage in the months of September-October.

2. Extraordinarily slow drivers who take pictures of foliage from their vehicle while driving.   

3. Refer to New England as "quaint," and/or "so cute."  


Got behind some leaf peepers this morning. They are wicked annoying. Almost as bad as the flatlanders that were here during summer!

Can't wait until the leaf peepers come home, but I hope they buy lots of stuff. 


Round Barn (round • barn) /round • bahn/, noun

1. A meeting place where you cannot be cornered.

2. A barn that is round in nature.


"I'll meet you at the round barn, they can't corner us there!"


Sugaring Off (sugar • ing • off) /shuh • gar • ing • off/, verb

1. The process of boiling down maple sap to produce/yield maple syrup and maple sugar.

2. The end result of boring meetings, processes, etc.


"Uncle Jeff is in the sugar shack. Hopefully the sap sugars off wicked good."
"We'll see how this all sugars off." 

We hope you enjoyed your very own guide to understanding the complicated dialect of New England!


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