The Five Stages of Grief at Legoland

The Five Stages of Grief at Legoland


It can’t be this crowded. Why is it so crowded? It’s a Monday morning at 10am and it’s supposed to rain today. Didn’t anybody check the forecast and think to themselves, "Today is not a good day to go to Legoland." I know I checked the forecast and thought to myself, “Hey, it’s a Monday, it's supposed to rain today and lightning. That ought to scare the tourists off. Let's head to Legoland and ride some really tall metal roller coasters!" Okay, okay. Calm down. The park is really large. It has dozens of rides, hundreds of employees. It can accommodate all these millions of people no problem. In fact, I bet Legoland is so big that it will probably feel like we have the park all to ourselves. We are going to have an amazing day.


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