First Lesson of Mommyhood

First Lesson of Mommyhood

Before I had a baby, I had this insane notion that it was the parents who were responsible for teaching the children various important and useful life lessons.

Boy was I wrong.

I had my son, Baboo (no, that’s not his real name. Come on people) in October 2012. No, I won’t go all mushy on you, listing all the wonderful ways my son has changed my life for the better. Don’t get me wrong — he has, but where’s the fun in telling you about that?

Instead, let me tell you about the lessons he taught me…the ones I didn’t see coming.

  1. No matter your intentions, how much money you spend on custom bedding and fancy cribs, if your baby refuses to sleep on them, the baby will end up in your bed and your nursery will mock you endlessly.

Believe me when I say, we tried to get him to sleep by himself and for awhile there he did. At first it was in his Nap Nanny and it was wonderful. Then the company ended up issuing a massive recall and  going bust so I felt guilty letting him sleep there. Plan B consisted of me nursing him to sleep (I know, I know, a mommy no-no) then gently carrying him to his pack ‘n play. But that barely ever worked and when it did it would only work for about 20 min or so. Those 20 min were enough time to trick me into thinking he was actually asleep and lull me into stupidly close my own eyes. It never failed. I’d close my eyes and within seconds he’d be screaming.

Once when the daddy was away on a business trip, I decided to go all “tough momma” and sleep train the Baboo. After 30 min of pure hell and a tear soaked baby, I gave up. We never spoke of it again. (Yup, call me a wimp–I’m rubber, you’re glue…)

Then one fateful January night…it happened. I was back at work and surviving on Starbucks and barely any sleep. This went on for weeks. One night, after hours of playing the sleep/awake game I finally gave up and put Baboo in our bed. I kid you not, that child looked at his daddy, gave him a big grin and went right to sleep.

Baboo-1, Mommy Lessons-0

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