Sudan Releases Meriam Ibrahim, Then Re-Arrests Her

Sudan Releases Meriam Ibrahim, Then Re-Arrests Her

[Editor's Note 6/24/2014 11:00 a.m. PST: Meriam Ibrahim was re-arrested just 24 hours after her release as she attempted to board a plane for the U.S. --Grace]

The government of Sudan has finally released Meriam Ibrahim, a 27-year-old Christian woman jailed for the crime of ‘apostasy’, but only after she spent 38 days on death row with her toddler son — even giving birth to a baby while imprisoned. Ibrahim, the daughter of a Muslim father and technically considered a Muslim under Sudanese law, is a practicing Christian and refused to recant her faith.

Image Credit: Al Jazeera/Twitter

According to The Guardian:

”The Sudanese state news agency Suna said: ‘The appeal court ordered the release of [Ibrahim] and the cancellation of the [earlier] court ruling.’

However, there was no sign of Ibrahim, her husband Daniel Wani or their two children at the couple's home in Khartoum.

Mohaned Mostafa, a member of Ibrahim's legal team, said she had been moved to a safehouse ‘for her protection and security’. He told Reuters: ‘Her family had been threatened before and we are worried that someone might try to harm her.’”

Ibrahim’s case attracted limited media coverage, although Hillary Clinton, Rev. Jesse Jackson, and British Prime Minister David Cameron called for her release. Bloggers posted about Ibrahim and activists trended #SaveMeriam and #IStandWithMeriam on Twitter.

There were petitions to free her on
and the White House website signed by a total of over one million people.

It’s a bright spot among the stories of the one thousand migrant children housed in an Arizona warehouse and the 200-plus Nigerian girls still missing after being kidnapped by Boko Haram.

Have you been following the case of Meriam Ibrahim?

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