Fifty Things from My iPod

Fifty Things from My iPod

For the rest of this week, I have decided to tackle list prompts. Partly because work is busy and, well, I'm lazy.  I am also being a bad rowmie/columnmate on the YeahWrite grid and need to catch on reading y'alls blogs too.

One of the prompts on the Nano Poblano site is "Fifty things that make you happy". I tried to tackle this last week, when I was home sick and ended up with a post tentatively titled "Prednisone, Pajamas and Pretzels". Coincidentally, those were the only three things I could think of at the time that made me happy. I scrapped the idea and am trying again today.


Given I am (barely) back among the breathing and productive members of society, I am going to take the lazy way out and leave this to the randomness of my iTunes library. It isn't a total cop-out. Music is a good way to cheer me up, make me smile, and/or make me sing (badly).


Now, since I am lazy (see above), some of these may have been mentioned before in prior posts. And it should be noted, that while I am fine with my collection overall, I do have a teenager and the music collections of two exes* scattered through the master list. So, if some of these don't make me happy necessarily, they should make you laugh at least:

1. Space Bound-Eminem

2. Coming Back Down-Hollywood Undead

3. Saturday Nite-Earth, Wind & Fire

4. Pour Some Sugar On Me-Def Leppard

5. Magic Carpet Ride-Steppenwolf

6. They Don't Know-Tracey Ullman

7. Squeeze Box-The Who

8. On Melancholy Hill-Gorillaz

9. Sex Type Thing-Stone Temple Pilots

10. Holiday in Cambodia-Dead Kennedys

11. D'Yer Mak'er-Led Zeppelin

12. Baby Let Me Take You Home-The Animals

13. Montego Bay-Bobby Bloom

14. Silver, Blue & Gold-Bad Company

15. Don't Shed A Tear-Paul Carrack

16. #1 Crush-Garbage

17. The Magnificent Seven-The Clash

18. Got My Mind Set On You-George Harrison

19. Son of a Preacher Man-Dusty Springfield

20. I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)-The Proclaimers

21. Black and White-Three Dog Night

22. Pick up the Pieces-Average White Band

23. The Love You Save-Jackson 5

24. Godzilla-Blue Oyster Cult

25. Sunny Came Home-Shawn Colvin

26. How About You-Staind

27. Just Dance-Lady Gaga

28. Freedom-Wham!

29. Badlands-Bruce Springsteen

30. Rush-Big Audio Dynamite

31. Burden in My Hand-Soundgarden

32. Before I Forget-Slipknot

33. Everything Falls Apart-Dog's Eye View

34. You-Atmosphere

35. Make Me Lose Control-Eric Carmen

36. Do You Remember Rock'n'Roll Radio-The Ramones

37. Promises-Eric Clapton

38. Hand Me Down World-The Guess Who

39. Rocks Off-The Rolling Stones

40. Time Bomb-Rancid

41. I Wish-Skee Lo

42. Fire-Ohio Players

43. Walk on Water-Eddie Money

44. Sister Christian-Night Ranger

45. Since You've Been Gone-Rainbow

46. What a Wonderful World-Louis Armstrong

47. Goodbye to You-Scandal

48. Living Dead Girl-Rob Zombie

49. Campfire Song Song-Spongebob Squarepants

50. I Can Dream About You-Dan Hartman


*No, I am not going to tell you who is responsible for what song...I don't mix and tell!**


**Fine, if you have a question about a specific song, leave it in the comments and I will answer it.  Maybe.  Depends on the embarrassment level.

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