A Few Minutes of Silence

A Few Minutes of Silence

A few minutes of silence and closing our mouth can help a lot- I have learn that counting to 10 when I’m really agitated saves me a lot of trouble.

  • In Arguments- it’s best, when possible to hold back, breathe and take a moment of silence. Maybe that all you need. Maybe all that exchanging mean words that is going on just needs a few moments of space to see that it really does not need all that yelling and mean words that are spewing out of your mouth.

 Reflection/Meditation- Honestly, I do not know how to meditate. I know how to stare at spaces! Reflecting and even praying before you get out of bed and before going to bed helps a lot. I feel that it gives me the peace I need to sleep or the strength to last the rest of the day.

  • Listening- Listen for a change. Listen to your husband, to your kids, to your Mother/ Mother-in-law. I bet you it will change their whole attitude towards you.
  • Read- Read a few verse of the Bible a day. Read a chapter of your favorite book while you’re having coffee in the morning, or before going to bed, or even in the bathroom!
  • Find Time to be Alone- For a few minutes a day, especially when you work in a crowded environment, or in customer service- it could get so busy and hectic the whole day. I mostly get my greatest alone time in the car while driving to school or work. Play your favorite songs, sing along with it. Play your favorite Bible verses- say it loud! Talk to yourself- nobody cares, nobody is listening except you (unless you open your windows)…

There are so many things we can do with Silence, a few is all we need if know how to use it. Goodnight Everyone! 

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