Feminine Style for Very Special Occasions

Feminine Style for Very Special Occasions

Forget the gender wars and embrace your best feature: femininity. From the top of your head to the tip of your toes, get girled out -- because when you're all woman, your confidence soars and people will smell it a mile away. I'm dusting off my copy of The Bombshell Manual of Style for this one. Trust me, follow the author's advice and you'll have the wolves howling at the moon.

Your Hair

The updo is the quintessential feminine hairstyle. The hair swept up reveals the contours and delicacy of your neck -- an often-overlooked feature, but those ladies in The Tudors had it right. Don't underestimate the French roll. It's romantic. You can go loose and messy, or a perfect roll with every hair in place, because it works either way.

Classic updo

The Jewelry

Go for long, delicate, and dangling earrings, like the chandeliers in this photo. They elongate the neck, and all that jingling could put your target under hypnosis. "They add radiance and draw light to her face. Dangling uninhibitedly, they suggest freedom by their movement and mirror her undulations," says Laren Stover, author of The Bombshell Manual.

diamond chandelier earrings

Your Smell

"The less clothing a Bombshell wears, the more perfume she dons," says Stover. I say it depends on the perfume. A really fancy affair calls for a really fancy perfume. My personal favorite is a Joy, mix of jasmine, rose and a hundred different other things, and trust me, a little goes a long way. I spray it ONCE, ONLY ONCE, on my chest. Then I rub my wrists against it and spread it along my neck. Spray it more than once and you'll smell like The Church Lady.

Joy perfume

If you want a lighter fragrance, try your favorite scent in a shimmering body mist or lotion form along the areas you're showing some skin, then layer it with purse-ready roll-on perfume.

scented body lotion

Your Makeup

Pick one feature and go big on it. If it's the lips, try a bold, festive red. If it's your eyes, go smokey -- but don't do both. The ultrafeminine woman need not overdo her makeup. If you're going bold on the eyes, opt for a muted lip gloss. If you're going full-on red lips, just groom your eyebrows, apply a little eyeliner and some mascara.

Take your cues from Kerry...

Kerry Washington

Image: ©TLeopold/Globe Photos/ZUMAPRESS.com

Oh -- and the bombshell always wears false eyelashes...the better to bat you to death.

Your Dress

Go vintage 1940s, chica. No era cinched fashion so impeccably. My favorite designers take a cue from this era.

1940s vintage style

Your Feet

Unless you're super-tall, wear those heels, girl. Heels change your center of gravity. Your bottom sticks out a bit more. Your legs look more shapely. It's winter, so no open toes. Opt for pumps with a long, skinny heel. My favorite is patent leather with a red bottom. Be still, my heart.
Christian Louboutin Shoes

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