'The Fault in Our Stars' No-Spoiler Review or Why I Regret Staying Home Last Night

'The Fault in Our Stars' No-Spoiler Review or Why I Regret Staying Home Last Night

At first I thought The Godfather had been re-released in theaters. I knew I dropped my 15 year old daughter and her two friends off three hours earlier so they could see the film adaptation of John Green's The Fault in Our Stars, but how else could I interpret this text?

     "New favorite movie, indescribable."

The Fault Is In Our Stars
Image: Twentieth Century Fox

I mean, I read the book and know the story; which I loved, by the way. I saw the previews and the cast and made a conscious decision to stay home last night. I've had way too many movies ruin a fantastic book experience. 

I turned off my phone, and chalked up my daughter's delight to an inexperienced film lover caught up in teenage frenzy. Until this morning when I woke up to an email that she must have sent from her friend's house before they went to sleep.

     "This movie is hard to put into words. It was incredible. It was perfectly done in my opinion; casting, writing, and acting."

Well, hmph. I went out for Chinese food and watched bad sit-coms. So, there!

The Fault Is In Our Stars
Image: Twentieth Century Fox

She went on.

     "As a movie watcher it was really good, serious but with a lot of comedy, too. You could hear everyone laughing and crying at the same parts."

That's the description I use for all of my favorite movies!  I laughed. I cried. I started to regret my decision to stay home. The Fault in Our Stars was a book I couldn't put down. The story was touching and showed humanity in such real and relateable ways, but how could I look past what happened to Divergent when they put it on the big screen? *shudder*

     "As a book reader the movie was all I hoped for and more. It was an amazing movie."

So there you have it. Anyone want to guess what I'm going to see this weekend?

The Fault Is In Our Stars
Image: Twentieth Century Fox


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