The Fault In Our Stars **Book Review**

The Fault In Our Stars **Book Review**

I finished reading The Fault In Our Stars. Literally I just got done. As a dry my tears and gather my breathe , I give this book 5 stars. I would give it 10 stars if I could. John Green you moved me with Hazel and Augustus . Every girl wants to have a Augustus Waters in their life if only for five minutes. You open the eyes of many about cancer. You did not sugarcoat it but you also were not to serious about the diease that takes so many good people away from those who loved them so much.  I want to be Hazel so I can experience what true love is if only for a brief moment in time. Oh how you made this book seem so real and in your face. The trip to Amsterdam brought back memories to me as I have been there and you had the Anne Frank house described to a tee and right on point.  I cried heavy tears when you had to take our Augustus away from us in the book. I was so mad at you, for about five minutes. I knew I had to continue to keep reading. The letters Augustus wrote in his final days made my heart swell. What a good guy, even in death. Your supporting characters, Isaac was a great distraction to the broken heart. Hazel parents showed that it was okay to cry in front of your children and to be weak as the parent. What more can I say except THANK YOU. I have become a instant fan of a one JOHN GREEN . Look forward to your next book.


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