Fat Shaming? Let's get real.

Fat Shaming? Let's get real.

The Maria Kang hoopla. Let me tell you why this irritates me, but first  let's be clear- she's not making you feel bad about your weight. You're making you feel bad about your weight. She's not doing anything wrong, besides being annoying. Why is she annoying?


1. Anyone that pops out three kids rapid fire style without any indication of ever being pregnant is genetically blessed. I don't have stretch marks on my belly either - not because I worked for it, but because I got lucky. She got lucky with that petite frame and beautiful face, regardless of how fit she is. I haven't seen her acknowledge that yet.


2. Priorities. We all have different priorities. If I have 45 minutes of time to do something besides care for my young kids I might exercise, or I might clean my house, catch up on laundry, start dinner, take a shower and do my hair, pay some bills... If you think Mrs. Kang's life is as perfectly put together as her physique, you're mistaken. She's sloppy somewhere. No one is perfect. 


3. What's her husband's schedule? She says she doesn't have a nanny, but someone is there helping with those little ones while she dedicates considerable time to her fitness, and make up, and hair, oh...and personal website. If you think a 3, 2, and 1 yr old aren't a full time job, you're crazy.


4. This is her job. According to her own website, she's an "Asian Fitness Model". Do you work hard at your job outside of the home? Of course you do, you're being paid to do it. She's being paid to look fit and pretty. No excuses? Sure. Motivated by money? Of course. 


Don't let Maria Kang make you feel less accomplished as a mother, or a wife, or a woman. Be motivated to get fit and healthy so that you're the best version of yourself for you and your family. You probably won't ever look like an Asian fitness model, but that's o.k. Accusing her of being anything other than kind of annoying isn't going to work.







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