Fat Girl Walking

Fat Girl Walking

Put one foot in front of the other….


Put one foot in front of the other.  Yes sounds so easy, but when you are a middle aged fat girl walking, that is not so easy.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, just get up off your lazy butt and do it.  Well, this 42 year old who weighs…. Yeah right, like I am actually tell you that information!  This fat girl DOES NOT like to walk.  Or at least she didn’t use to.  You see, I don’t like to sweat.  I don’t like to huff and puff in front of other people.  I don’t like to have knees that hurt but now, now times have changed. 37 days ago I decided to work on a whole new me.  Eat right, exercise all that great stuff.  Who am I kidding?  I do this for about a week then stop.  

Well, when I posted on the lovely social network called Facebook that I was going to make a change for the better, I had a good friend, Darth Moose (Darth is not his name, but I promise Moose is his last name), tell me that I need to join this group his friend was in.  He had lost weight doing it and was loving it.  Me, being oh yeah like thats going to happen, said sure sign me up.

Then I get this friends request from a Josh Watkins.  Who the crap is this guy wanting to friend me?  I don’t know this dude.  Then I see that he is friends with the almighty Darth Moose.  Next thing I see that I have been added to this group called Mile A Day. Every Day.  Ok, great, now I have to actually do this!  UGH!!  OK Sandy, get a grip, BUT I DON’T LIKE TO SWEAT!!!  

So, the first day I take a walk with the boys.  Not to bad.  A little over a half mile.  The next day the hubby joins us.  Ok, he wants to try this way.  Sure, I was able to do it yesterday I can do it again today.  Easy peasy!!  Yeah right!!  My fat butt almost didn’t make it up the incline, then when we got to the top we had to stop for about 5 minutes.  Ok, get it together, all downhill from here.  Well, get to the next block and what happens?  You guessed it, this fat girl had to stop again!!  So, let’s go on down the road, I see our yard right in front of me.  I mean come on, it’s RIGHT THERE.  Oh no, no, no, that IS NOT going to happen. Stopped for the THIRD time.  Now, we make it to my parents yard.  What?  Your almost home?  We can’t have that, you MUST stop again!!!  This time not just standing there sucking in air, but bent over gasping air and praying that I do not throw up.  Yes it was that bad.  Finally, I am at our steps.  Look at MapMyWalk and what do I see?  Wait, what is that?  It can’t be right!!!  THIS FAT GIRL JUST WALKED A MILE!!!   I did it!!  I actually did it!!  I walked a mile!!  Me!  A 42 fat girl that weighs… Yep still not going to tell you, just walked a mile!!!  Ok, maybe I can do this thing I don’t like to do.  So then I get to go on Mile A Day. Every Day and post Day 2: 1 mile today.  Wow, that felt good, but these people aren’t going to care what I did.  They are too busy with their own lives.  They aren’t going to want to have to see what the fat girl did.  

Hey, what’s that.  I have a notification.  Hey, there is another one.  I clicked on there and what do I see.  Likes!  These people actually like my post!  This fat girl actually has someone who likes her post saying she walked a mile!  Wait, what is that?  A comment!  Really, someone left a comment about “Great job”, “Keep it up”, “Welcome to the group”!  Wow!  I don’t believe it!!  They like me!  They like that I posted here and they are encouraging me!!!  

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