Exercise For Kids In A Rainy Day World

Exercise For Kids In A Rainy Day World

5. Dance Party
When you are stuck at home and need exercise, my kids love a good dance party! Click on a good dance station on Pandora and free up some space in the kitchen; dance along with your children. You can even add exercises to the "routine" like jumping jacks, jumping on one foot, the splits, push ups, etc. to make it fun! If you have a Wii or XBox, there are many fun dance games that you can buy or borrow from your local library.

The boys play Just Dance on the Wii
Photo Credit: lorenjavier.

6. Hit the Mall
Remember, a lot of walking, even in spurts, is great exercise! When my kids are bored and need exercise, we will often take a "field trip" to the mall. Stores like Pottery Barn Kids, the Apple Store, or the Lego store are like going to a museum for my kids. Malls are usually HUGE, so they get lots of walking. Many malls these days also have indoor play areas, which add to the exercise and activity. Best of all, unless you are actively shopping, it is FREE!

Photo Credit: kamoteus.

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