Obsessing Over Sneak-Peek Pics from Orange Is the New Black Season 2

Obsessing Over Sneak-Peek Pics from Orange Is the New Black Season 2

Fans of Orange Is the New Black are wondering if they can make it until the Season 2 premiere date of June 6th. Netflix is keeping the anticipation alive by teasing audiences with a few shots from the new season. Three little official photos are pretty slim pickings for an audience whose appetite can now house an entire season of a show during a marathon viewing weekend. But what are fans to do but obsess over the details in these pics? Deborah Goldstein and Vikki Reich lead us in the task. 

Pic 1: Mock Job Fair

OINTNB Season 2 Job Fair
(L-R) Danielle Brooks, Lin Tucci, Natasha Lyonne, Yael Stone, Jackie Cruz, Emma Myles and Laverne Cox in a scene from Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black” Season 2. Photo credit: Jessica Miglio for Netflix.

Vikki: What have they done to Taystee? So wrong. I vote her Most Likely to Work the Information Desk at a Suburban Mall. Nichols looks like she's been cast in the lesbian remake of Stayin' Alive while Morello looks like she's about to sing On the Good Ship Lollipop. As for Leanne, I've never felt much sympathy for her…until I saw her in the mess of a suit from the 80s. And Sophia…I love Sophia and that dress definitely shows off her assett but what kind of job is she going for? 

Deborah: Taystee doesn't look very happy in her bank teller uniform, but I vote her Most Able to Pass as a Law Abiding Citizen in that outfit. As for Lorna, I got an Andrew Sisters Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy vibe which does not translate to an upwardly mobile career unless she wants to be a carhop at a drive-in restaurant. I had the same reaction to poor Leanne in that whatever-the-hell-color horror show of an outfit. Those shoulder pads extend so wide that she looks like she suffers from microcephaly, a neurodevelopmental disease I discovered when I searched for shrunken head disorder. Not so worried about Sophia who will surely find her way to stardom. She might want to consider hiring Nicky as her agent who looks like she would punch you in the throat if you crossed her. Pantsuits can do that to a gal.

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