Ever Wonder What Those Tiny Splinter Looking Things Under Your Nail Beds Are?

Ever Wonder What Those Tiny Splinter Looking Things Under Your Nail Beds Are?

Do you ever get these little things under your nails? Ever wonder what they are? How the heck did a splinter get there? 


I've gotten them on my nail beds for as long as I can remember. They kind of just show up for a while and go away. In some instances, they're tender to the touch. Well I've finally done a bit of research on them. I believe they're what's called Splinter Hemorrhages. 


After a bit of google digging, I found that they seem so be quite common and can happen after any sort of trauma to the nail bed. This time, in my case, I'm assuming it's from scrubbing the tub in my kids bathroom last weekend. As if that wasn't trauma enough.

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