Elf Nail Polish Inspirations for Summer 2014

Elf Nail Polish Inspirations for Summer 2014

Today I like to give you some inspirations for your nails using Elf Nail polishes. Elf Cosmetics is cruelty free!

My favorite color of these 3 nail polishes is "Smoky Brown". I love to do an accent nail and here I used Butter London in "Lovely Jubbly" (Butter London is also cruelty free!)



Elf Nail polish in Smoky Brown with Accent nail (Butter London "Lovely Jubbly")

I also really love the color "innocent". It is kind off a nude color on the mauve site. I put some stickers on it to pimp it up a bit more (got them on EBay for $1.40!!!)

Elf Nail Polish in innocent with stickers from EBay.

My last inspiration is with the color "nude" and I have a little accent going on with a golden tip and I separated the gold and the nude also with some golden string tape (got it for $1 on EBay!).

Elf Nail Polish in Nude with golden accent nail

I got these 3 Elf nail polishes together for $3 and I think for the price you can not complain. (e.l.f. Nails. All Nail Polish, Files, Remover Pads Just $1!) I would say they lasted me around 5 days before they started to chip. A better nail polish usually lasts on me around 7 days. I find the Elf nail polish smells a bit weird while applying but the smell quickly fades and is no problem after the application. Only the color "nude" was a hint "streaky"- the other 2 applied pretty streak free.

To make a cheap nail polish last longer I highly recommend to use "Gelous" as a base coat. This is the best base coat I have ever tried (you can use it also as a top coat of course). It not only makes your nails so much stronger- it also treats your nails. Fantastic stuff and available at Sally Beauty Supply for only $5.99. I tell you the best $5.99 you will ever have spend for your nails!

Gelous- the best base coat you can imagine!

I reviewed a couple more Elf products on YouTube if you like to watch it.

How do you like my nail inspirations?



 Have a great day,

Bought everything with my own money. My opinions and experiences. Contains Affiliate links.

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