An Easy Way To Get Kids To Study Their Math Facts

An Easy Way To Get Kids To Study Their Math Facts

If you're anything like me and have a child who slumps over math facts, it can sometimes feel like torture for all parties involved when it comes to doing practice worksheets.

My son learns better when his body is moving.  In fact, many boys tend to learn better when they are being active.  The last thing I want is a struggle and my priority is not how many problems he can do or how quickly he can do them.  What I really care about is that he's always learning.  I want him to understand the concepts and feel confident using them in every day settings.

That's how I came up with a plan to get him motivated to practice his multiplication facts. I knew he'd be eager to do anything that took him away from the kitchen table and since he's a boy who loves to shoot green army men with his Nerf gun, this idea seemed ingenious.  As it turned out, it worked out brilliantly and I've never seen him so excited about math!  I highly recommend it.  All you need is the following:

1. A window
2. Crayola washable window crayons (any color although I found blue and green work best)
3. A Nerf gun ( you can also use a toy archery bow but only for much older children as it's hard to aim)




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