Easy DIY Spring Wreath

Easy DIY Spring Wreath

spring wreath tutorial

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know I've been working on making wreaths for the different holiday seasons—I'm wreath obsessed! (Here are some past ones: Christmas, fall, and Valentine's Day.) So I just made a "spring" wreath, even though it snowed over the weekend (seriously, wtf?) I figure this should last me through at least the beginning of summer. This wreath was simple and love how it turned out.

spring wreath supplies

For this project, I bought all my supplies at Michaels. I got some fake flowers, a wreath form, two rolls of wide white ribbon and a pretty floral ribbon that seemed spring-y to me.

spring wreath supplies - ribbonThe ribbon.

First, just wrap the ribbon around your wreath form. I used mostly white ribbon, with some floral as an accent for the top, where I will be hanging the wreath. To secure the ribbon to the form, I just stapled the ribbon right onto the form. Just make sure to keep all the bad ends on the back.

spring wreath supplies - flowersThe flowers.

I trimmed some random stems from the fake flower bunches (you need to use wire cutters) and applied the stems to one side of the wreath with hot glue.

spring wreath, wrapped

Then I made a little bow to cover over the stems/glue at the bottom of the arrangement.

spring wreath, hanging

Then I just added another piece of ribbon (which I cut too short but was too lazy to fix) to the top. All done!

spring wreath, hanging

I don't foresee doing any other real "seasonal" decorating for a while, so this wreath will be our only seasonal d├ęcor—I think. Maybe I'll add some other things in the summer, but we'll see. Hopefully this spring (if it ever effing gets here) and summer will be able taming the craziness of our yard to make it look somewhat reasonable.

Anyone else doing any spring decorating?