Easy Beef Wellington

Easy Beef Wellington


I'm refusing to get digital TV (yes, dinosaur alert!), not because I'm antique (ok, maybe a little), but just because I'm afraid to get those TV channels that do nothing but broadcast cooking shows all day long. If I'd had that on TV, I wouldn't get out of the house anymore, so it's really more a sort of self-preservation thing.

I confess, I'm a sucker for TV shows about cooking. And not the ones where they'll show you people yelling at each other (sorry Gordon R!) but the ones where they just cook and bake while still being nice to each other. I'll even stay home for my all-time favourite, the Great British Bake-Off (and the Dutch version as well). I could just watch them bake cookies and make cheeky jokes for ever.

And contrary to most other talent shows, the judges are genuinely friendly. Rob√®rt van Beckhoven, one of the judges of the Dutch version of the Great Bake-Off (Heel Holland Bakt), has a p√Ętisserie in my hometown. When my youngest sister had to give a speech at school when she was about 10 years old (we're talking 20 years ago), she chose the topic "bread." Well, what can I say, in my family we all take food pretty seriously!

My mother took her to his bakery to talk to a real baker, and he really took his time to show her around the bakery, give her some samples of flour to show at school and tell her all about bread. How cute is that?

This weekend, I took a recipe by one of the British Bake-Off judges, Paul Hollywood. I found a great video of him showing how to make puff pastry. I decided to make a puff pastry classic, Beef Wellington. But in a very easy version, because I was just lazy (and I made the pastry myself, so I decided to give myself a break).

And the good news is, you can make this as difficult as you like. Try a little bake off of your own by making the pastry yourself or take the fast lane and just use a store bought roll of puff pastry.

 Find the recipe on Eva in the Kitchen


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