Easter Basket Terrarium: A Perfect Kid Craft

Easter Basket Terrarium: A Perfect Kid Craft

Easter turtle terrarium

It is hard to believe that Easter is just a few weeks away. That’s right, people; time to get your Easter craft on! This year, I decided to combine a few of my favorite things: shopping at Target, crafting with my kids, terrariums, and painting rocks. Not sure how all of those things go together or relate to Easter? Read on.

Easter baskets come in all shapes and sizes. When I saw this turtle basket at Target, my heart skipped a beat. I immediately saw terrarium potential. The first thing I did was empty out the eggs (saving them for Easter). I filled the bucket with potting soil.

terrarium with soil

After the potting soil was in place, my kids and I planted a few soft succulents. You don’t want anything too spiky.

planting the succulents

I’m having a bit of a love affair with spiky cactus right now, but I knew they would not be good for the kids. Instead, I took the kids on a rock-gathering hike and asked them to paint their finds green when they returned home.

painting the rocks green

After the rocks dried, I commissioned my sister to paint the green rocks to look like cactus.

painting the cactus rocks

finished terrarium

After the "cacti" dried, I "planted" them among my succulents and added green aquarium gravel on top.

All that was left to do was display our turtle terrarium with our other Easter decorations.

Easter decorations

For the record, there is also a matching rabbit version of the same Easter basket. Rocks painted to look like Easter eggs are equally adorable!

rabbit basket with Easter eggs