The neighbourhood.

The neighbourhood.

Mrs. B always gave us apple juice.

She was strange.  So was her daughter. 


 Mrs. R wore a lot of make-up.

She was fussy. 

I was always worried I would make a mess when I was there.

Consequently, I spilled a drink nearly every visit.


Mrs. T had the most beautiful hair.

She was loving and kind. 


Mr. R was funny.

He had a go cart.

One neighbourhood party,

Mom and Mr. R took that Go cart for a ride!

We all laughed.


Mr. T told a lot of jokes. 

He liked to tease us kids.

He always seemed to be the one talking.


Mr. and Mrs. A were different than the rest.

They were always dressed up. 

The other Mrs.’ acted different when Mrs. A was around. 


Mr. and Mrs. B were odd.

Mrs. B seemed nervous all the time. 

They only had one child. 

His name was hyphenated. 


The other Mr. B had died.

No one ever spoke of that. 

I thought Mrs. B was mad all the time.


We would have BBQ’s together.

The kids would make up skits.

And then perform them for the adults.

The adults loved it. 


We always did our fireworks together. 

The Mr.’s would set them off in the field.

The kids and the Mrs.’ would watch from lawn chairs. 


We would play on each other’s swing sets. 

We would all get together in one backyard for sun tanning.

The young ones could never lie still for long.

Inevitably they would end up pestering the teenagers. 


Out would come the sprinklers!

It was so much fun.


We set up hard top trailers in our backyards and ‘ camped’.

We ate peaches from Mr. V’s tree.

We ate candy from Mrs. S’s pantry. 

(She kept it for her grandchildren but they never came.)

We had sleepovers. 


We invited each other for supper.

We all had our favourites.

All the Mrs.’ knew whose favourites were whose. 

Mom’s spaghetti was everyone’s favourite. 

Mr. and Mrs. R had wieners and beans every Tuesday.

(It was bowling day.)


We all rode our bikes together. 

Up and down the road we went. 

No one was allowed to go by Mrs. P’s tree.


Mom said all the other Mrs.’ could relax. 

They knew Mom was always watching us kids. 


We would walk to the outdoor pool together. 

We would have so much fun there. 

The lifeguards knew us all by name. 

And we knew their names. 

What a childhood we had together. 

On our dead end, seven house street. 

It was the best. 


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