Drunken Cran-Orange Candy Bar

Drunken Cran-Orange Candy Bar

This sweet, citrusy, slightly tart, and easy to make candy bar is a fun addition to any holiday gathering.  A touch of triple sec, an orange flavored liquor, adds a little bit of punch to this white chocolate confection. Just make sure it is placed away faaaaaar from the kids’ table…I mean faaaaaar away from the kids’ table (I think I had a couple too many).

Drunken Cran-Orange Candy Bar


Seriously though, this adults only treat requires just a small amount of triple sec, but do enjoy it in moderation.   I would like to leave you with one quick tip  for the preparation; be sure to move the melted chocolate away from the burner when the liquor is added and stirred to avoid the alcohol from splashing onto the heat source.

Drunken Cran-Orange Candy Bar


Have a fun and safe Thanksgiving everyone!

Drunken Cran-Orange Candy Bar


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