Drink well, party hard: [beer] for your health

Drink well, party hard: [beer] for your health

Today’s kickass guest post is from Kristen Bayusik of Now Beer Thisfame. An at-home brewing extraordinaire and fellow music industry lady, Kristen’s “analog beer blog” is packed with craft beer reviews, drink-and-album pairings and coverage of both brew- and music-related events in her CT neighborhood. With a shared music industry background and love of authentic, non-mass-produced drink and food, we were long overdue for a collaboration.

Below, Kristen shares her insight on the unfriendly ingredients hiding in commercial beers—think Miller Coors, Guinness, Corona, Newcastle, Budweiser, PBR and just about every other beer you’ll find in a convenience store—and proves why craft (or home-brewed!) beers are absolutely the way to go, both for taste and for your health. Take it away, Kristen!


To kick off, I’d like to discuss the importance of craft beer, as I do with every post. But aside from tasting great and being pretty interesting, craft beer is actually fairly healthy for you. Speaking relatively, of course.

Image from FoodBabe.com.

Get the scoop on the health differences between craft and commercial beer on Eat Well. Party Hard.

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