Don't Exploit Your Child!

Don't Exploit Your Child!

I do not have children.  I do not want to have children.  I have a godson that I have helped raise as if he were my own.  But I am very passionate about the well being of children.

It bothers me when I'm out in public and I see children unattended.  Your toddler should not be running around in his Spiderman pajamas, falling out on the grocery store floor, only to have his siblings (who are only around 5-7 years old themselves) come looking for him.  Why is your child not with you?  And why are you not looking for him?  And when all of your children were running around, you were in the grocery line chatting it up on your cell phone. 

It bothers me even more to see children exploited by their own parents in crazy Facebook and YouTube videos.  Yes, exploited!!  It is okay to post a video of your child tearing up and getting emotional when you sing to her.  It is okay to post a video of your son playing a piano as well as Beethoven.

But DO NOT post a video of your elementary age daughter twerking on the living room couch.  DO NOT post a video of your son telling you to whoop your own ***.  DO NOT post a video of your child using more profanity than a sailor.  DO NOT post a video of your daughter looking like a grown woman.  DO NOT post a video of your son disrespecting you and calling you by your first name.  And the worst part is that some parents do this for their 15 seconds of fame, or to make money.

These things may seem funny and harmless at first.  But it can lead to your child being disrespectful to other adults.  Your daughter can grow to believe that the only way to get a man's attention is with your body.  Your son can grow up to be a bully, scarring others with his words.  Your child can grow to have little to no respect for themselves. 

What you allow will continue.  But it may not be acceptable outside of your own home.  You have to start early raising your children and teaching them the right ways of life.  You may ask, what do I know?  I don't have any children.  But I've taught high school, where I endured the results of parenting for 8 hours a day.  I know that what happens at home has a major impact on what happens outside of the home.

Stop trying to make celebrities out of your children.  Teach them the importance of good behavior and an education.  Nurture them to be good citizens as adults.  And then allow them to make their own choice of how they want to present themselves to the rest of the world.

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