Do Disneyland Like a Pro

Do Disneyland Like a Pro

As season pass holders, my family has figured out what we believe are the best tricks to an enjoyable day at Disneyland. Growing up, my memories of Disneyland trips consist of carrying around frozen water bottles while being bused to the park. Not the most efficient route, but we made it there. We would stay at the park until closing, leaving us so exhausted that it would likely be a year before we’d return. I was introduced to a different way of doing Disneyland when I met my fiancee. We spent many Saturday nights having a date night in the park, scouting out cute places to take pictures, and having mojitos at California Adventure.

Do Disneyland Like a Pro
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Here’s a peek into some of our finds.


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1. Parking matters. For years I always parked in the Toy Story lot which meant taking a long and usually smelly bus ride into the park. You want to try to park at the Mickey and Friends parking garage. This lets you hop straight onto the tram and takes you to the gate within moments.


Do Disneyland Like a Pro: PLAN TO HIT POPULAR RIDES
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2. Make a plan! Mousewait, available for iPhone and Android phones, also tells you where the nearest bathrooms are located and the best places to eat. On a typical weekday, we’re able to ride all the best rides because we got on them while other attractions were busy.

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Do Disneyland Like a Pro: Where to Eat!
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3. Where to eat. For a quick and somewhat healthy lunch, we like to eat at CA Adventure’s Wharf Cafe. They serve fresh sandwiches on Boudin bread (which is amazing) as well as bread bowls and salads. All for around $10 a person. If you’re in the mood for something a bit more special, check out the Monte Cristo sandwich served in Disneyland ‘s Cafe Orleans. The first time I sampled it, I was blown away by how large the portion was (plenty for two people to split) and how nice of an atmosphere Cafe Orleans had to offer.


Do Disneyland Like a Pro: Check Out Lincoln!
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4. When the sun goes down. By this point, since we’ve used our Mousewait app throughout the day, we have gone on all the best rides and our feet need a break. If you haven’t seen the Story Time with Lincoln, I would highly recommend it. It’s not only a clean, air-conditioned place to rest up, but it's also neat to see Disneyland's first animatronic.


Do Disneyland Like a Pro: Where to Get a Drink
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5. Who is ready for a drink?If you’re interested in an adult beverage, alcohol is served only in CA Adventure. They offer Karl Strauss beer on tap and blended mojitos served with ice cubes that light up (a pretty cool souvenir I have kept from my first Disneyland date with my fiancée).


Do Disneyland Like a Pro: Monsters U!
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6. When your feet are tired. We usually take our drinks over to the area near the Monsters U ride. It’s currently set in a Mad Hatter theme and has live music and dancing.


Do Disneyland Like a Pro: World of Color!
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7. If you’re in for the long haul, see World of Color. By this point of the day, I’m exhausted. And nothing Disneyland has to offer matters -- other than World of Color. It is a magical way to end your night and will make any girl who grew up wishing to be a Disney Princess cry.

What's your best Disneyland tip?


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