Does LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT Really Exist?

Does LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT Really Exist?

Do you believe in ‘Love at First Sight?’

Researchers at Ohio State University did a study and found that yes… Love at first sight DOES exist. The results proved that men and women both size up their potential mate and know within 2 minutes if they were interested in moving forward. TWO MINUTES!!! Wow! Following the subjects for nine weeks proved the relationships turned out exactly the way they predicted.

Biological Anthropologist and Research Professor at Rutgers University Helen Fisherbelieves early humans needed to make connections quickly as they had shorter life spans… and our brains are still wired that way today. She believes if you feel a quick connection… Go for it! BTW she has a fabulous talk titled The Brain In Love if you are interested. She mentions ‘Love at first sight’ about half way through.

So there… scientific proof falling in love can happen in a heartbeat. Speed dating is a result of all this testing.

Although… the Ohio State University scientists are quick to add people may be able to make up their minds about love when they first meet, but to keep the relationship strong they need to work at it… or it could fail.

My own experience of ‘love at first sight’ was one-sided… and not on MY side. While on a cruise the Executive Chef told me he fell madly in love with me at first sight. Yeah, right… I’m sure he says that once a week with every fresh group of cruisers. I didn’t fall for it. Besides… there were only 3 single women on board the entire ship under the age of 70, and I was one of the few without gray hair.

His name was Zomie, and although he made my cruise beyond exciting with marzipan roses on my dinner plate, custom cooked omelette in the morning, and private tours of the galley… It wasn’t love at first sight for me. I thought he was trying to obtain a ‘green card’… or at the very least a little ‘sumpthin, sumpthin’ if you know what I mean.

He continued to pursue me, even after I left the cruise… and we remained email friends for three years after. There is nothing better than waking up each morning to an email that began… “Good Morning Princess” or “Hello Light of my Life”. However, when I refused to visit his ship every time he came near the US he finally began to believe me when I constantly told him I wasn’t interested in him ‘that way’.

So tell me… How did you meet the love of your life??? Was it love at first sight? Or did you have to ‘ease’ your way into the relationship?

Deb Hathaway


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