Does the Laundry EVER END??

Does the Laundry EVER END??

It's Friday Morning 7:10 am and I am already thinking does the laundry ever end?

Up at 6am for coffee and emails, then get Kid #1 up. The slow one, the tired one, (well why do you stay up so late).  Pack #1's lunch, his backpack, his phone, his laptop, run out the door to catch the bus. Wait did you brush your teeth? Put on deoderant? Race to bus stop, s#@t did we miss the bus? Was she here already? Will I have to drive him to school? Did I pack his lunch? Phew here's the bus! (we never miss the bus)

Back home start the first of many loads of laundry, change #1's sheets, is the Housekeeper here yet? Oh wait that would be me!

Start on Kid #2, lunch, backpack, breakfast, he is the organized one, test on spelling words. Out the door early with plenty of time to spare, at school early, we love early!

Back home, date with load of laundry #2, and by noon I'm sure I will have a slight case of bleach poisoning from cleaning the pee off all the toilets and floor!

Happy Friday!

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